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"Just to say thank you. Kind heart, caring ways, bringing smiles, brightening days."

2015-10-22 03:50:43

"We thought the words on the front of this card were perfect as they really do relate to the staff at St. Andrew's. Thank you for all of your support for our children over the past six years. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time with you all, we could not have asked for a nicer nursery."

"Thank you for drying his tears, giving hugs when needed and most importantly generating lots of laughter and smiles."

Our nursery staff

We employ committed, dedicated and enthusiastic nursery staff who provide the very best in nursery child care. All of our team are trained to a minimum level 3 qualification in the childcare sector and we ensure they continuously undertake additional external training, as well as extensive in-house coaching by our senior team. We firmly believe in promoting teamwork across the nursery and are extremely proud of our high retention levels of staff. At St. Andrew's Day Nursery we also support apprenticeships and students from various colleges throughout Coventry and surrounding locations.

In addition, all of our staff have training in the following areas:
• Paediatric first aid
• Child protection
• Food safety

We are working towards using Makaton sign language within the nursery where required. Makaton is a sign and symbol language which can help children who have limited or no speech.

All of our staff members have a full range of excellent resources ensuring the children we care for have challenging and diverse experiences throughout their time at St. Andrew's Day Nursery.

Our nursery is set in the picturesque village of Shilton and easily accessible for families based in Nuneaton, Rugby, Coventry, Hinckley and throughout Warwickshire.

Julie Emerson

Julie Emerson Nursery Owner˅

I am NNEB qualified in childcare and have worked in the sector for over 30 years. I have previously worked in and also managed a number of childcare settings. For the past 19 years I have owned and continue to operate a number of Before and After School Clubs across Coventry and Warwickshire. I believe in ensuring that all of my childcare settings operate to the highest standards possible and my goal with St. Andrew's Day Nursery is to make it one of the best children’s nurseries in the West Midlands.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
I enjoy being involved in the day to day running of the nursery and love going into the rooms to see all of the children. Whenever I can I like to get involved with the activities such as telling stories and bringing these to life. I enjoy establishing excellent relationships with parents as this is an important factor within a childcare setting of any description. I feel very strongly that if parents are happy and reassured, then their child or children will settle down into nursery life.

What I enjoy most about being a Nursery Owner:
I really enjoy striving to make St. Andrew's Day Nursery a special place to bring your child. I take great pleasure in hearing positive comments from parents and observing the children taking part in the wonderful opportunities and experiences that we have created.

Debra Leslie

Debra Leslie Nursery Manager˅

I have Level 2 and 3 NVQs in Childcare as well as Diplomas in Health and Safety, Security and Employment Standards, Home Based Childcare and Holistic Therapies. I have worked within private day nurseries since 2006 in a variety of settings.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
It is very difficult to really identify one particular area as there are some many things I enjoy doing with the children. Outdoor play is a particular favourite as this allows the children to explore and learn about the world around them. We are lucky at St. Andrew's as we have such a large garden and which we can access straight from the room. I like creative play which allows the children (and me!) to express themselves and create things using their imagination. Group time is also always fun as this is based on the children’s own interests and we can focus on their development goals.

What I enjoy most about being a Nursery Manager:
I most enjoy working with, and supporting, a lovely friendly team in what is a bright, colourful and wonderfully equipped nursery. As a Nursery Manager I can input great ideas and help others to do the same. I also help to support staff with a positive manner and help with the smooth running of the nursery. I enjoy working with a great team who all show a brilliant interest in the development, learning and welfare of the children within our care.

Becky Leach

Rebecca Leach Deputy Nursery Manager˅

I have Level 2 and 3 NVQs in Childcare and have worked within a nursery setting since 2009, based within a baby room.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
My favourite activity with the children is large group painting, covering the floor and walls with paper for the children to free paint on their own with their own paint pots and brushes. It is really nice to see them express themselves and get messy!

What I enjoy most about being a Deputy Nursery Manager:
I really enjoy having an input into the day to day running of the Nursery, I really enjoy supporting the owners and the manager and being part of a lovely Nursery providing an exceptional level of nursery child care.

I really enjoy being able to help the children learn new skills which they can continue to develop through their childhood. I find it extremely rewarding to see a child accomplish a new skill that I have helped them work towards.

Rhiannon Carberry

Rhiannon Carberry Senior Nursery Practitioner & Toddler Room Supervisor ˅

Experience :
I have Level 2 and 3 NVQs in Childcare and am currently working towards an Early Years Foundation Degree. I have worked within childcare since 2008 within both the public and private sectors.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
I really enjoy leading activities which involve discussions with the children and their interaction. It is always fun watching and listening to the way the children take part and use their imaginations. This can reveal a lot about the children in terms of their interests and individual personalities.

What I enjoy most about being a Senior Nursery Practitioner:
As a Senior Nursery Practitioner I have enjoyed being able to take on more responsibility, to help and guide others, whilst also gaining support and knowledge from others around me

 Naomi Charity

Naomi Charity Baby Room Supervisor ˅

I have a Level 2 and 3 in childcare and education and have been involved in childcare for 4 years. I have spent that time in both statutory and private settings. I have also worked in many different types of nursery’s through agency work and hope to bring the knowledge and experience I have gained through this time to St. Andrew's.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
An activity that I enjoy and love doing with the children is helping them to experiment with sound. It is exciting to see them making lots of noise and interesting to see how the children choose to express sound, whether it is from an instrument like banging a drum or with their own voices, for example whispering a nursery rhyme.
I have very recently completed my Makaton Training. Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help children of all ages to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.

What I enjoy most about being a Nursery Practitioner:
There are so many things I enjoy about being a nursery practitioner. I find working with children a very rewarding job. To see and watch a child develop is something I find fascinating. I also enjoy helping children to achieve their next step goals and to know that you have helped and encouraged that child to reach those goals is an amazing feeling.

New Member of staff St Andrews Day Nursery in Shilton, Warwickshire

Fiona Thomson Pre School Room Supervisor˅

Experience :

I have a level 2 and 3 in childcare and education and have also got a play worker qualification. I have worked in a nursery based setting for 4 years with most my experience working within pre school and also running after school clubs up from the ages 3-11.

The thing I enjoy most about my job is watching children learn something new for the first time from helping them put on there shoes to them doing it the first time independently or watching them write their name without support. Too see the joy and seeing how proud they are when they achieve something for the first time really makes my job worth while.

The thing I love most about working at St Andrews is how welcoming everyone is from staff to parents since I first started. You get a warm welcoming feel as soon as you you walk in.

Charlotte Scully

Charlotte Scully Apprentice Nursery Practitioner˅

Previous to working at St. Andrews, I have worked within another nursery whereI gained my Level 2 Qualification, I have had experience working alongsideSchool age children from reception to year 6. I am currently working towardsmy Level 3 Qualification here at St. Andrew's and I am really enjoying workingin such a friendly environment.

What I enjoy most:
I am really enjoying working within the Baby Room as it is a new challenge forme, no two days are ever the same, it is so lovely to watch the childrenprogress so well, helping them to take their first steps and hearing theirfirst words knowing we've had a positive impact on helping them thrive intheir first year of education.

Favourite activities in the nursery
I love doing song time with the children and watching them learn the actionsand Makaton signs to our songs, it's great to see and hear them join in withthe songs singing lyrics with us, I love seeing the children so happy andenergetic during this time of our routine.

Leanne Reed Nursery Practitioner ˅

I have a CACHE level 3 diploma in childcare and education, NVQ level 2 in team leading, first aid, safeguarding, and food hygiene. Been working in childcare since 2011 with all age groups, mainly with the pre school age.

What I enjoy:
I enjoy anything creative and messy in particular shaving foam and lots of glitter. I love being able to help the children prepare for thier next chapter of going to school and knowing I have helped thier development gives me great satisfaction.

Being at St. Andrews:
Having worked in many settings and having a bad experience, I really felt welcomed and instantly part of the team here at St. Andrews. The setting has a lovey friendly atmosphere and is a really fun and happy place to work.

Katie Ford Nursery Practitioner ˅


I have a CACHE Level 3 Diploma in the children's and Young People's workforce, I began working in the childcare sector in 2013 and have since worked at two settings prior to my position here at St. Andrew's, mainly based with children between 2-4 years.

What I enjoy the most:

I enjoy watching children grow and develop within my care at nursery. From when they sat Goodbye to their families/carers on their very first day, to watching their cheeky personalities blossom and gaining the key skills they will need on their journey through school. I also love to hear their stories and listening to their pretend play gaining an idea of who the children want to be when they grow up! You can guarantee no day will be the same at Nursery!

My favourite activities in the Nursery:

My favourite activity at Nursery is descriptive writing. I love to listen to the children describing themselves and their families, gaining a perception of what life feels like to them. I also enjoy messy activities such as shaving foam or cornflour play. I believe messy play provides a range of opportunities for the children from writing their names and drawing in the media using their or objects to make learning fun! However, my all time favourite has to be Christmas crafts! It's wonderful to join in with the children getting ready for Santa and most of all decorating the classroom in GLITTER!

Ellie-Mai Jones Nursery Practitioner ˅


I have a NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Childcare and have been working in a nursery setting since 2013.

I have worked with babies up to Pre-School, but mainly been based within a Baby Room and Toddler Room.

What I enjoy most:

There is a lot of things I enjoy as a Nursery Practitioner, but I would sat that the main thing I enjoy is being able to contribute to the early stages of the childrens' learning and development. I find it very rewarding to watch the children master new milestones that we have helped implement and provide within our daily routine.

Favourite activities in the Nursery:

My favourite thing to do with the children is group time singing, I love to encourage the children to join in with action songs and sing along to the words allowing them to express themselves freely and begin to say new words.

Natasha Sheehy Nursery Practitioner˅

I have a BTEC National Diploma in sport and BA (Hons) Sports Therapy Degree and a Level 3 in Childcare. St. Andrew's Day Nursery is my first employment role within a childcare setting. I have however worked within the Early Years sector since 2005 teaching dance with children ranging in age from 2 years to 15 years. I also worked as a play leader on holiday play schemes.

I enjoy outdoor play with the children, the changing nature of the outdoors makes it an incredibly stimulating and multi-sensory environment for the children to play, explore and learn about the world around them. It is also nice to see the children enjoying their play and having fun whilst learning and developing their skills in all areas of the EYFS.

Working at St. Andrew's as a Nursery Practitioner is extremely rewarding. Seeing the children grow and develop each day is wonderful and I feel privileged to be able to have a great input in their learning and development. I am looking forward to gaining my Level 3 and developing my own skills with the help of a wonderful team around me.

Abigail Smith Nursery Practitioner ˅

I have achieved my level 3 in children play, learning and development.
This is my first employment in childcare and have experience in babies
and toddlers. I really enjoy working at st Andrew's.

Favourite activities in the nursery
My favourite activity to do with the children is taking them into the
growing area. I enjoy supporting them to explore plants we have grown
and helping them to develop large motor skills through digging and
pulling or picking vegetables. The children really enjoy this area and
I find it rewarding seeing how much fun they have growing and looking
after the vegetables.

What I enjoy most
I enjoy being a practitioner at St. Andrews because it's a friendly
environment for children to learn and develop. It is rewarding to watch
and support them to develop.

Charlotte McBride Apprentice Nursery Practitioner˅

I am currently working at St Andrews Day Nursery and employed as an apprentice. I am working towards my Level 3 Qualification in Childcare. This is my first employment role in a childcare setting, and I am gaining lots of new and fun experiences.

What I enjoy most
A few of the things I enjoy the most about being an Apprentice Nursery Practitioner is that I am able to learn as I work in a warm and welcoming environment, making positive bonds with all of the children I work alongside to help them achieve their goals. I love seeing the children happy and excited to tell me about all the fun things they are learning through their time within the nursery. I am enjoying working with all the staff as part of a team and look forward to completing my Level 3 qualification.

Favourite activities in the Nursery.
My favourite activities include lots of creative play such as, painting, gluing and getting messy. This is because you can visually see the children having fun, and learning all about the new textures they are experiencing each day. I also enjoy working alongside the children using their fine motor skills to colour and draw, I love watching them use their imagination to draw pictures that relate to them and make them happy.

 Deborah Manning

Deborah Manning Nursery Practitioner˅

I have a Level 3 qualification in childcare and have been working in the sector since 2002. I have worked with, and have experience of, children of all age groups from babies to pre-school.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
My favourite activity in the nursery is reading stories with the children and also singing with them. I like to teach the children new songs, watching them develop their speech as they grow. I particularly like doing action songs with the children which can be great fun.

What I enjoy most about being a Nursery Practitioner:
I really enjoy being a Nursery Practitioner, helping the children to develop by giving them an opportunity to discover things that are new. I find it extremely rewarding and stimulating.

Payton Dodd Nursery Practitioner ˅

I have a Level 3 NVQ In Health and Social Care. I am currently working at St Andrews Day Nursery and employed as an apprentice. This is my first employment role within childcare and I am really enjoying it.

What I enjoy most
There are so many things that I enjoy about being a Nursery Practitioner, but my favourite is having such an important role in the children’s development. I enjoy watching the children’s progress throughout the nursery which makes the job very rewarding.I also enjoy helping children reach their achievements. I really enjoy working as part of a team and I enjoy seeing all of the children happy, excited and having fun ! I am really looking forward to developing and learning new skills within the nursery and becoming a qualified Nursery Practitioner.

Favourite activities in the Nursery.
One of my favourite activities with the children is either messy or creative play. I really enjoy watching the children use their imagination during their play.I like to see the children playing with the shaving foam , cornflour ,water and the painting, where they can express themselves and get messy while having lots of fun .

 Karen Diggens

Karen Diggens Nursery Lunch Cover ˅

I have a City of Guilds 1 and 2 in Catering and Advanced Food Preparation as well as having an NVQ Level 2 in Food Safety and Health and Safety. I also have an NVQ level 2 in Childcare and am working towards my full qualification. I have held various catering posts over the last 13 years including hotels and the public sector in positions such as Catering Assistant, Catering Supervisor, Breakfast Chef and Comis Chef. I have also worked with children between the ages of 3 to 11 over a number of years before joining St. Andrew's.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
I really enjoy cooking and being creative with the children’s food and seeing empty plates come back each day. I like developing menus using fresh and local ingredients wherever possible.

What I enjoy most about being a Nursery Chef:
I enjoy working at St. Andrew's because there is real drive and enthusiasm to develop the food and menus to provide high quality fresh meals. I am extremely well supported by Julie Emerson, the Nursery Manager, in this area which I find very refreshing.

Paula Cook

Paula Cook Nursery Chef˅

I have experience of working with children from 2006 with their ages rangingfrom birth to 13 years.

I have been employed at St Andrew’s since 2015.

What I enjoy most about being the nursery chef:

I love being busy and my role as chef certainly keeps me active. Each day isdifferent and I love cooking fresh and healthy meals to watch the childrenenjoy them.

Favourite activities in the nursery:
We have a fantastic growing area in the garden where the children are taughtand learn about where some of our food comes from, they can plant the seeds,care for them and watch the vegetables grow! Once the food is ripe, thechildren can pick them and then the best part of all, they get to eat it!

 Andy Bear

Andy Bear Nursery Mascot˅

Hello! My Name is Andy Bear and I am the mascot here at St. Andrew's Day Nursery. I love to make special appearances at events held by the nursery, and have lots of fun with the children dancing at their parties. I also visit local supermarkets, town/city centres and other locations. Please do come and say hello if you spot me!


Hamish Guinea Pig˅

About Me:
Squeak Squeak!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Hamish and I live in the pre-school room, I love having cuddles from all the children and everyone takes really good care of me. I am very sociable so you may often see me standing up against my cage, I love watching all the children playing and having lots of fun.

I often take part in group time with the children whilst getting lots and lots of fuss too! My favourite foods are carrots, peppers and spinach, I will squeak very loudly in excitement when I hear the bags rustling ready for my yummy snack off the children! Each weekend I am able to go home with children from all the rooms at the nursery where I like to sit with you and watch television! Please speak to a member of staff if you would like to take me home for the weekend.

I can’t wait to see you all soon!

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